App Inventor 2 Resources

PaintPot with Camera

Paintpot allows you to draw circles and lines on a picture you take with your camera. You'll learn about the Canvas component, drawing, color, and the Camera component

PDF File: (PDF) | Video: (Video) | Download source: (AIA source) | Download app: (APK file) | BMCC version w/sliders app: (APK file)

Magic 8 Ball

This app creates a Magic 8-Ball that delivers one of its classic predictions. You'll learn about the accelerometer sensor, responding to events, and making lists.

Online link with resources: (PDF) | Download source: (AIA source) | Download app: (APK file)

Recommended Projects:

Pong: (URL) | No Texting While Driving (PDF) | Mole Mash (PDF)

Other Resources

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