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Training With a Flight Training Device

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A flight training device (FTD)

is a simulator that has been authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration for use in flight training. It is similart to a flight simulator you may run at home on your computer. The main difference is the control panel is built in to the unit.

A Flight Training Device
Image taken from Red Bird Simulators

FTD's provide the following benefits:

  • Very cost effective training
  • The ability to pause and evaluate
  • Can count toward instrument requirement
  • Train no matter how bad the weather
  • Practicing emergency procedures
  • Rehearsing difficult approaches
  • Practicing crosswind maneuvers

As you can see the FTD is a great resource to help you learn to fly with less expense, and pressure than the real thing. That is good because you will be maximizing your time in the real airplane instead of fooling around with things you could have learned in the hanger.

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