The Life of Kandan Evans

Kandan Evans

The Early Years

I was born in Walla Walla, Washington on September 16 1995. At that time my parents were living in a small house within the city limits of Irrigon Oregon. I spent nearly the rest of my pre college years living in this small town. However, my mom grew up in private Christian schools and my grandpa was the principal at a small one in Hermiston so when it came time for me to start preschool this private school seemed the obvious choice

During my time in preschool both my parents worked fulltime so during office hours I would go to the daycare ran by the Barthel family. Most of the other kids from my preschool class also went to this daycare so we ended up spending a lot of time together as a group. Then out of amazement I passed preschool and was allowed to move to the next grade.

Grade School Years

First through seventh grade was spent like all my precollege years at the private school Hermiston Christian Center. Through out these six years I only had three teachers: Mrs. Thurman, Mrs. Honey, and Mrs. Parker.

Through out this time basically there was about half the class that would come and go every year with new names and faces, while the other half was the same eight people we had known since kindergarden.

High School Years

High School in my school began eighth grade year this is when we moved into the big class room with five grades in it and averaged twenty-two students each year. This was also the class that our principal and my grandpa taught, so I knew the next five years would be interest path.

Ten of us started that seventh grade year as students at HCS, five of us walked at graduation (hey 50% isn't to bad). No, in all seriousness only two dropped out and the rest transfered to other schools. The one exciting part of this time was playing sports for Irrigon High School for my senior year. We set the school record for most wins in a football season with a 3-9 record, ok we were really bad and like two years later they doubled our record. I like to believe we got the ball rolling though.

Post-Secondary Years

After graduation I began my college career at Blue Mountain Community College. The first two years I took heavy course loads studying agriculture and the general education classes required for every degree. The third year one of my professors convinced me to try to take the web development program, this seemed like a fun idea so I entered the program.

During the summer I had a great summer job working for North Morrow Vector Control as a field technician. NMVC is a public program that attempts to prevent the infection of diseases to people and their livestock. Or in better terms we kill mosquitoes for a living. Are team motto is "We bite mosquitoes back!" After three years working there I have nightmares of the whole earth flood irrigating and I have to treat check and treat it.